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  • We know that you may have questions about the plan for reopening our schools in September. We want to hear from you so that we can help!

    For questions specific to a child or school, please contact the building principal listed below.

    General questions can be submitted by email to

Contact the Principal

School Principal Phone Email
Bush Elementary Mrs. Benson 483-4401
Fletcher Elementary Mrs. Sischo 483-4404
Lincoln Elementary Mrs. Russo 483-4412
Love Elementary Mrs. Johnson 483-4405
Ring Elementary Mrs. Miller 483-4407
Jefferson Middle School Mrs. Melquist 483-4411
Persell Middle School Dr. McElrath 483-4406
Washington Middle School Mrs. Emerson 483-4413
Jamestown High School Mr. Williams 483-3470
Tech Academy Mrs. Johnson 483-4299