• What is Special Education? 

    Special education is an instructional program designed individually for your child, based on his or her diganosed disability and specific learning needs. Special education services are outlined in your student's Individual Education Plan, or IEP. 


    Parts of an IEP (Individual Education Plan)

    Your child's IEP contains the following parts:

    • demographic information
    • Present Levels of Performance
      • Academic
      • Social
    • Management Needs
    • Health and Physical 
    • Psychological Testing
    • Goals
    • Program Modifications
    • Related Services
      • Speech/PT/OT/Counseling
    • Testing Accommodations


    How is my child's IEP created?

    Your child's IEP is created by the Committee for Special Education, or CSE.  At least once a year, there will be a meeting for your child at their school to review and revise their IEP.  This meeting includes you (parent/guardian), your child's classroom teacher, your child's special education teacher, the school psychologist, and any related service providers who may work with your child. The meeting is run by the CSE chairperson. 

    Who can I contact if I have questions?

    Parents can always contact their child's special education teacher when they have questions related to their child's IEP!