Leone Bucks

This page will tell you about how "Leone Bucks" work in our classroom.

Money Picture
  • The reason why I have used "Leone Bucks" in the classroom is becuase it is a real life way that students learn about the value of money.  It also helps to reinforce the rules of the classroom.  I have used "Leone Bucks" for many years.  It is something that students and parents have enjoyed.  Here is a little more information about "Leone Bucks."

    How Do You Earn Money?

    - everyone earns $3 everyday they are in school

    - bonus money gets paid often to promote good behavior choices and hard work

    How Do You Lose Money?

    - if you have to pay fines or fees

    - fines are charged for poor behavior choices (rules violations)

    - fine amounts increase as the year goes on

    - level 1 fine is a warning, level 2 fine is a loss of privilage, and level 3 fines is a loss of privilages and a call home

    - fees are charged for missing homework or being late to class after a class break time

    How Do You Spend Money?

    - many types of auctions with many interesting items happen weekly

    - school supplies are always for sale

    - snack is for sale on days where one is not provided

    - full class items are sold at least one time per week