Physical Therapy

  • Jamestown Public Schools

    Physical Therapy Department

    Joann Sholl and Karen Finson are staff physical therapists at Jamestown Public Schools working with special need and physically challenged children, preschoolers through high school students. We are committed to students, helping them to meet their motor goals, as it relates to their education. Physical therapy addresses the special needs of children, to assist them in benefitting from their education, as per school policies. Physical therapists collaborate with families, health care providers, and educators to provide the following best practice services as apart of their educational plan:

    Ÿ Developmental activities to enhance functional gross motor skills

    Ÿ Evaluate movement, school mobility, and accessibility

    Ÿ Strengthening, range of motion
exercises and home programs

    Ÿ Motor learning and body awareness

    Ÿ Balance and coordination exercises 

    Ÿ Adaptation of daily care activities and 
environmental modifications

    Ÿ Recommendations on equipment 
use, design, and fit such as wheelchairs and standers

    Ÿ Use of assistive technology 

    Ÿ Posture, positioning, tone management, and lifting 

    Ÿ Orthotics and prosthetics 

    Ÿ Cardiopulmonary endurance

    Ÿ Safety, health promotion, and 
prevention programs

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