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  • *Attendance (Resource)

    School Attendance - Your child’s regular and prompt attendance online is CRUCIAL to his/her success. I cannot emphasize this point enough! Please view school as a priority, and see to it that your child attends our Zoom sessions every day except in cases of extreme illness or an emergency. If your child is absent from our Zoom session, please send a REMIND message to me or an email to the office stating the reason.

             When scheduling appointments, please avoid taking your child during distance learning sessions. It would be helpful to schedule appointments after sessions or on days off.


    School Success

    Many parents have asked me how they can best help their child to succeed in third grade. Below, I’ve listed some general suggestions:

    * Your child’s regular and prompt attendance online is crucial to his/her success.

    * Make sure that your child is well rested and has had a substantial meal before instruction.

    * Help your child find a quiet location for distance-learning where distractions will be minimal.

    * Set up a schedule for your child so they know what to expect each day. Be sure distance-learning assignments from our Google Classroom playlist are completed daily.    

    * Help your child to organize their school items for distance learning. Keeping things organized and in one location will be helpful.

    * Read to your child and have him/her read to you. Let them know you think reading is important. Let them see you reading for enjoyment or knowledge. Storyline Online (https://www.storylineonline.net) is a great place to find online books.          

    * Encourage your child to tell you about school each day and share their classwork from Google Classroom. Rest assured, we really did a lot more than “nothing”!




             I realize this is a lot of information, but I know that many parents/guardians have questions in regards to school, especially this year. This packet will hopefully answer many of those questions.

             Thank you for helping your child prepare for third grade. I look forward to working with you throughout the year.



  • Classroom Expectations:

    Classroom Expectations

    Distance Learning Expectations


    * Room 27 Parent Information Packet (Resource)


    Homework - Assignments will be given Monday–Friday each week. I encourage you and your child to follow the suggested schedule (playlist) on Google Classroom for daily distance learning assignments and homework.