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  • We know that you may have questions about the resources available to our school community while schools are closed. We want to hear from you so that we can help!


    • - Are you a working parent who needs childcare? Send us a message or call 716-203-1539 to find out more about the options we have available.


    • If you need help to obtain school meals for your children, please contact the principal of your child's school. See the table below for contact information.


    • Contact a Teacher - Use our staff directory to contact a teacher by email with questions about the lessons and learning materials provided.
    • Remind - Our teachers use Remind to share assignments and information about learning at home. Please sign up to receive messages, if you haven't already done so!  
    • - If you have questions about how to continue learning at home, reach out to our team for resources and suggestions.
    • - If you need help with the Chromebook or iPad provided for learning at home, send us a message or call 716-483-4242.
    • - We'd love to see our students and families as you continue learning at home. Send your photos and we will share them on Facebook and Twitter.


    • - Not sure who to contact? Send us a message and we will find the answer!

Contact the Principal

School Principal Phone Email
Bush Elementary Mr. Bracey 483-4401
Fletcher Elementary Ms. DeJoy 483-4404
Lincoln Elementary Mrs. Russo 483-4412
Love Elementary Mrs. Hartling 483-4405
Ring Elementary Mrs. Miller 483-4407
Jefferson Middle School Mrs. Melquist 483-4411
Persell Middle School Mr. Cammarata 483-4406
Washington Middle School Mrs. Emerson 483-4413
Jamestown High School Mr. Williams 483-3470
Success Academy Dr. McElrath 483-4408
Tech Academy Mrs. Johnson 483-4299