• Invitations to join Remind are automatically sent to students and parents using the contact information in our student information system (SIS). For students, this is the school email address. For parents, this is the email address and/or mobile phone number we have on file. If you accept the invitation, your account should automatically be linked to all classes in which the student is enrolled.

    If you aren’t receiving Remind messages, you can still sign up! Use the school codes listed below, or the class code provided by your teacher(s).


    Text Message:

    • Text your school or class code to the number 81010.

    Smartphone or Computer:

    • Use your web browser to visit the following link:
    • Enter your school or class code.
    • Follow the instructions to create an account.
    • If you’re using a smartphone, you’ll be prompted to download the mobile app


    Use the following school codes to receive messages from the preferred school(s).

    @clintonvbu    Bush                              
    @miltonjfl       Fletcher                         
    @abesway      Lincoln                           
    @samuelglo    Love                      
    @carlylecri      Ring                      
    @jmsjpsny      Jefferson               
    @persellmi      Persell                   
    @wmsjpsny     Washington           
    @jhsjpsny       High School           
    @jpsnysa        Success Academy  


    To exchange messages with a specific teacher, you will need to join that teacher’s class on Remind.

    If you know the teacher’s class code:

    • Text the class code to 81010, or
    • Visit and enter the class or school code along with your mobile phone number or email address.

    If you don’t know the teacher’s class code:

    • Log in to your Remind account at or using the mobile app,
    • Join a Class, then
    • Search for your Class by school and teacher.

    For more information, see this help article.


    Student accounts are automatically created using the student’s school email address and student ID. In order to receive messages on their phones – either by text or mobile app – students must link their mobile phone number to Remind.

    Text the school or class code to 81010, as described above. Students will be prompted for date of birth and student ID. If entered correctly, the student will be automatically linked to their classes and teachers.

    For more information, see this help article.