Questions About School Routines

  • How will students enter and exit the building safely while maintaining social distancing?

    As schools did last year, in order to eliminate crowding of students while entering the building, students will be assigned to a specific entrance and will arrive at that entrance at a given time each day. Students will also exit the building through that same door at the end of the day. Distance markings will be placed in hallways, exterior entrances, and other common areas to assist with social distancing. Each school will let families know which door to enter the building. 

    How will students safely transition between classrooms or common areas in the school while maintaining social distancing?

    Hallways and common areas will be clearly marked to determine walking routes and spacing. One-way traffic will be encouraged wherever possible. All students will be expected to wear masks in the hallways and during transitions. Common gathering areas may be closed as necessary. Schedules may be adjusted to allow for adequate passing time with fewer students moving through the hallways at the same time. 

    Will classrooms be modified to reflect the three-foot social distancing rule?

    Students will be spaced at minimum three feet apart in the classrooms, and farther where possible. Extraneous furniture will be removed from each classroom as much as possible to support social distancing practices. Each student will have an assigned desk or work area.  

    How will students be assigned to cohorts to limit interaction between students?

    Students in PK-8 buildings will be assigned to cohorts, where they will remain in the same classroom with the same group of students to the greatest extent possible. Students will either remain with the same teacher, or teachers will travel to individual classrooms to instruct students when needed. 

    What are the procedures for using the restroom when in school?

    Student restrooms will be monitored to ensure proper social distancing. Any additional students waiting to use the restrooms will be three feet or more apart in the hallway until they are able to enter. Students must wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds after using the restroom. Custodial staff will make continuous rounds throughout the day.

    What are the procedures for access to drinking fountains when in school?

    Access to drinking fountains will be limited. Students are encouraged to bring their own water bottle to school with them each day and should plan to refill them at home. In the event that a student needs to refill their water bottle while at school, the student will be able to use the drinking fountain or bottle filling station for that purpose only.  Students without water bottles will be provided a disposable cup to fill with water.

    How will students receive school meals?

    We will continue to provide all enrolled students with free access to breakfast and lunch each school day. Breakfast will be given to students at the end of the day to take home for the next day. Lunch will be served during the school day as normal. 

    How will transportation be different for students who ride the bus to and from school?

    Prior to boarding the bus, parents will need to complete a wellness check on behalf of their child. Students will also have a non-contact temperature check before boarding the bus or upon arrival at school, and will not be permitted to attend school with a temperature greater than 100F. Drivers, monitors and students must wear a face covering. Students who provide documentation from a physician that they are unable to medically tolerate a face covering are not required to wear one.