• Introduction:

    As required by the guidance issued by the New York State Department of Health, school districts must establish a process for the provision or referral of diagnostic testing for students, faculty, and staff for COVID-19, in consultation with local health department officials, when needed.

    The process must include plans for testing of symptomatic individuals, close contacts of COVID-19 suspected or confirmed individuals, and individuals with recent international travel or travel within a state with widespread transmission COVID-19 as designated through the New York State Travel Advisory, before allowing such individuals to return in-person to the school.

    Testing protocols must also identify who in the community is responsible for referring, sourcing, and administering testing of students, faculty, and staff, particularly in the event that large-scale testing at the school is needed.

    In accordance with this guidance, the following testing protocols have been established for the Jamestown City Schools.

    COVID-19 Testing:

    If there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 within the school, the district will follow the direction of the Chautauqua County Department of Health. 

    If a student or staff member has confirmed or suspected exposure to COVID-19, they are to follow health department guidance on quarantine and isolation. As it is not currently recommended that schools perform testing for COVID-19, the district will refer staff or students with possible symptoms to their own healthcare provider, urgent care center or other locations that are approved to administer testing for COVID-19.

    Testing must be ordered by a healthcare provider and can be performed at UPMC Chautauqua/WCA, The Chautauqua Center at 107 Institute St. Jamestown, NY and WellNOW Urgent Care at 15 S. Main St. Jamestown NY.  The COVID Hotline at 1-866-604-6789 can provide additional information. The district will work in partnership with the Chautauqua County Health Department to identify and refer staff or students to an appropriate source for testing. 

    If a student or staff member becomes symptomatic with COVID-19 symptoms during quarantine or isolation they will follow the guidelines above for managing illness and return to school.

    In the event that a large-scale testing will need to be conducted at the school, the district administration will work with the following providers:

    Christine Schuyler, Chautauqua County Commissioner of Social Services and Public Health Director

    Contact Tracing:

    The district will notify the state and local health department immediately upon being informed of any positive COVID-19 diagnostic test result by an individual within school facilities or on school grounds, including students, faculty, staff, and visitors of the district. 

    To assist the local health department with tracing the transmission of COVID-19, the district has developed and maintained a plan to trace all contacts of exposed individuals in accordance with protocols, training, and tools provided through the New York State Contact Tracing Program.  

    Districts may assist with contact tracing by:

    1. Keeping accurate attendance records of students and staff members
    2. Ensuring student schedules are up to date 
    3. Keeping a log of any visitor which includes date and time, and where in the school they visited
    4. Assisting the local health departments in tracing all contacts of the individual in accordance with the protocol, training, and tools provided through the NYS Contact Tracing Program

    If/when COVID-19 cases are discovered in the school, the district will consult with the Chautauqua County Health Department for appropriate actions.

    Confidentiality must be maintained as required by federal and state laws and regulations. School staff should not try to determine who is to be excluded from school based on contact without guidance and direction from the local health department.

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