• What is phonics?

    • Phonics is knowing that sounds and letters have a relationship. In other words, it is the link between what we say and what we can read and write.
    • Phonics offers beginning readers the strategies they need to sound out words. For example, kids learn that the letter D has the sound of "d" as in "doll." Then they learn how to blend letter sounds together to make words like dog.

    Why is phonics important?

    • In order for kids to understand what they read, they must be able to do it quickly and automatically, without stumbling over words. When children know letters and sounds automatically (because of lots of practice) they can easily put all the sounds in a word together to read.

    How can I practice phonics at home?

    • Practice, practice, practice
    • Read short, easy books containing the letter sounds and words you’re working on.
    • Point out a letter on TV, on a cereal box, a sign and challenge your kiddo to quickly tell you what sound that letter makes.
    • Read every day – Read aloud and listen to your child read.

    By Ms. Sorenson