• We understand that limited internet access may present a barrier to distance learning for some students. To address this challenge, we will strengthen the wireless signal in each school parking lot so that students may download assignments to be completed offline. Students are able to connect to district WiFi at any school parking lot. While the signal is strongest close to the building, we are working to strengthen the connection in all parking lots. Only school-issued devices will be able to connect to our network. Students may use these access points to check e-mail, visit Google Classroom and download documents to work offline at home. Please park near the building for the best connection and remain in your vehicle to maintain social distancing.

    For students who need to access school internet for an extended period of time, please contact the school principal to find out what options may be available within the school building. Schools may be able to accommodate a limited number of students by appointment who need internet access for remote or distance learning.


  • The Jamestown Public School district recognizes the importance of internet access to all of our student households. As a result of the widespread economic need in our community, all Jamestown schools participate in the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) of the National School Lunch Program. Because of our participation in CEP, JPS student households may qualify for a substantially discounted rate for internet access as part of the Spectrum Internet Assist Program.

    Spectrum Internet Assist provides qualifying households a high-speed internet modem for $14.99/month, with the option to add in-home WiFi service for $5/month. This offer is only available to new subscribers.
    To apply for the Spectrum Internet Assist program:

    1. Download and complete the application, also available in Spanish.
    2. Download and print the Letter of Eligibility from the Jamestown Schools.
    3. Send your application and letter of eligibility to, or
    4. mail to:
      Spectrum Internet Assist Program – OCS
      4145 S. Falkenburg Road
      Riverview, Florida 33578