New Here? Welcome!

  • This year has already been a wild ride, hasn't it? And it has just begun! That's ok, we'll figure it out together. It may look a little different but we're going to make it great just the same. Information is currently coming to me and changing faster than I can digest it. I promise to do my absolute best to keep you informed and we'll work out problems as we go. Our best tools are going to be COMMUNICATION and FLEXIBILITY! If there's something I can do to make things easier for you please let me know - if it is within my power to do so I most certainly will try! 

    Things I know so far...

    1. I'm so excited to meet your child!

    2. I will be working with students in two separate cohorts. Half in the AM and half in the PM. Monday through Thursday and virtually on Friday. I do not yet know what Fridays will look like. 

    3. Currently, our classroom is A MESS but it will be warm, inviting, and SAFE by the time your child arrives. Six feet of open space is not usually my jam but we'll figure it out. 

    4. I have purchased supplies for your child to use in class. I have INDIVIDUAL crayons, pencils, sharpeners, etc for EACH student. If you have already bought supplies they'll be great for when you're child is working at home. I know families are all in different situations than normal this year and I wanted to alleviate any burdens I could... so this year starting supplies are a gift from me.