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  • Donald B. Bubé Scholarship Award

    The Donald B. Bubé Scholarship Award is given in honor of Don Bubé, Director Emeritus, in recognition of his many years of inspiring leadership to the Jamestown High School A Cappella Choir and the the students in his charge.

    Though his efforts to share the joy of hearing and performing vocal music, Mr. Bubé instilled in his students the value of setting and achieving high standards, not only in the performance of music but in all aspects of life. His love of music and teaching served all Jamestown High School students well.

    This award is given to the individual who best exemplifies the musical passion and spirit of our former mentor.

    2000 Ashleigh Oram

    2001 Lauren Bolling

    2002 No Award

    2003 Matthew Kindberg

    2004 Ashley Nelson

    2005 Andrew Christian

    2006 Erik Schwob

    2007 Britta Johnson

    2008 Elizabeth Park

    2009 Erik Lundquist

    2010 Mary Andrews

    2011 Danelle Turney

    2012 LaShawnna Hunter-Stewart

    2013 Alyssa Ralph

    2014 Danielle Bertolini

    2015 Zac Ricker

    2016 Cameron Hurst

    2017 Emily Anderson

    2018 Gavin Card

    2019 Corin Derbty

    2020 Meredith Rohlin

    2021 Abigail Roof

    2022 Bradley Galeazzo

  • A Cappella VIP Award

    The A Cappella VIP Award is given to those whose support of the Choir and vocal music in our community is deemed exceptional. Their efforts and the support of our alumni, school and Jamestown community offer us the opportunity to preserve the heritage and tradition of our program. 

    1985 John C. Segard

    1988 Donald B. Bubé

    1989 Gerald Heglund

    1990 Russell N. Chall

    1991 Skip Berenguer

    1992 Judy Johnson and Janis Nelson

    1993 Global Effect

    1994 James F. McElrath

    1995 Dr. Lee S. Spear

    1996 Douglas Ahlstedt

    1997 Marjorie Switala

    1998 Dr. Daniel Paul Larson

    1999 Carolyn T. Whitehead

    2000 Lory T. Ventura

    2001 Tony Dolce & Deb Oram

    2002 Norman Lydell & Helga Hulse

    2003 Sandra Kae Bogey

    2004 Brian A. Bogey

    2005 Russell L. Johnson

    2006 R. Richard Corbin

    2007 First Lutheran Congregation

    2008 Lucile Miller

    2009 The Lind Family

    2010 Linda Andrews

    2011 Dennis Webster

    2012 Cynthia Hansen

    2014 Jeaneen Jaynes

    2015 Lucille Lown

    2016 Denise Synder-Norberg

    2017 Bill Stevenson

    2018 Jane Young

    2019 Mike G. McElrath

    2020 Melinda Lydell

    2021 Meghan Murray

    2022 Julie Livengood