• The Raymond J. Fashano Technical Academy serves Jamestown Public Schools by housing three student programs:

    Technology Education classes

    Technology Classes offered at the Tech Academy include Manufacturing Technology, Information Technology, Basic Electricity, and Digital Electronics. JHS students take a three-minute walk to the Tech Academy. Technology classes take place daily and are offered each semester.  Students in these classes use math and science skills in order to actively participate in hands-on lessons.

    Adaptive Education Program (AEP)

    The Adaptive Education Program is a educational program in which students receive instructional services while suspended from their home school. In this program, students' work is picked up and dropped off by our instructors. Our instructors assist students with their school work while they are out of school. Each day a daily summary is completed to monitor student progress as well as their level of safety, responsibility, and respect.


    Personalized Learning Program (PLP)

    The Personalized Learning Program is an educational program in which students receive blended instruction by using an online platform and a certified teacher who is in the classroom.  This program takes into account individual student needs and different learning styles.  The program is designed to allow students to move through the curriculum at their own pace, while getting one on one teaching from each intructor in the program. We focus on both credit recovery and new learning for students.