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Doug Foster the Guy

Hello! My name is Doug.

It's still hard to believe that when I do the math that I have been an educator for 38 years.  About 75% of those years have been teaching Biology at the high school level.   The other 25% was teaching general science in a junior high/middle school.  

I think I was born to be a "wonderer."

As a kid I used to take walks in the woods and fields with my dad.   In spring we would go smelt fishing at night when the spring rains came and swelled the creeks where he fish spawned.   In the summer we would keep insect collections and raise Monarch butterflies.  In the fall we would hunt ducks and squirrels.  In the winter we would walk out on the ice of Cayuga Lake. 

My Grandma Foster would bring seashells back from Florida and read to me about birds. 

My mother's parents had a small dairy farm with hay fields, pastures, hard woodl forest, and a creek.  Maybe you can imagine how these influenced my "wonderability!"


Doug Foster the Science Curriculum Coach

  • Science, especially biological science, is a passion of mine.  I am fascinated by the workings that go on inside cells.  I am equally fascinated by the forces that form the Earth.  As a Science Curriculum Coach I get to see a little bit of all aspects of science and science teaching.  From Physics, to Earth Science.  From Pre - K classes to Ap classes.  My love for the natural world and bringing that world to students brings great joy to me.

    The adoption of new science standards by New York State was a little unnerving.  Until I started to read and understand what those new standards mean.  And what the new standards mean is that science class will be really fun.  The standards are set up so that students start to think like scientists and I think that will make all the difference.