• VFW Voice of Demorcracy winners: Sofia Isabella and Josh McEntire Welcome to Public Speaking, a course that concentrates on building your confidence and improving your speechmaking skills. Emphasis will also be placed on your critical listening, critical thinking, evaluation, research, and organizational skills. Creation of speeches and their associated presentational aids takes as much research and composition as standard English classes, as much creativity as art classes, and as much insight as is taught in psychology classes. Since fear of public speaking is a significant reality for most students, this class also demands a willingness to risk and accept positive, constructive evaluations about the nature of your speech and delivery. I require that everyone be respectful of other students, their opinions, and their presentational efforts. You can expect my classes to be relaxed, interactive, and aimed at providing a safe, stimulating environment. Your classmates and I will be providing you with specific insights on your presentations throughout the course. Attendance and class participation are essential. Even if you are not scheduled to speak on a given day, you are expected to listen to your classmates’ speeches and provide feedback. All assigned speeches must be given in order to receive a passing grade for the course.

    Poetry Out Loud    Optimist Oratorical Contest PS demonstration speech