• Room 6 is unique to the building in that some Montessori techniques are part of the Science/Practical Life content of every day.  Water activities, small motor tasks, personal investigation, and art enhance the required curriculum. 
    • English Language Arts follows three main areas: Accel, Guided Reading and Skills. Accel and Skills are homogeneously grouped across the grade level where Guided Reading is the focus of the homeroom teacher.  Champions will be moved through the groups as needs are identified and progress is made. 
    • Math is heterogeneously grouped using the homeroom.  Differentiation of lessons meet the many ability levels of the Champions. Engage New York (engageny) is a site that parents/families may access to learn more, practice or investigate.
    • Knowledge, formerly known as Listening and Learning, is used to develop a universal vocabulary regarding a variety of topics: The Human Body, Fables, Animals and their Habitats, Astronomy, Ancient Civilizations, Ancient American Civilizations, just to name a few.  For further information please go to the engageny web site to investigate the grade level specific content.