Welcome to the Pod!

  • Welcome to the Pod at M.J. Fletcher School.  We are unique in the idea that we are the only school in Jamestown that uses a Pod setting for our classrooms.  What's a Pod? Pods are a grouping of classrooms segregated by grades. It features separate doors into the pod, which can be closed in an emergency; common space; outside entrance from each classroom and covered patio space for outside lessons and projects.  Children and teachers love the concept and lots of great things happen in the pod.  Enjoy your stay!

    What Are We Learning in 2nd Grade?

    In Grade 2 Math, students learn how to add/subtract up to 1000, with mastery of addition and subtraction to 20.  They also measure in centimeters and inches, tell time to the 15-minute mark, solve 1 and 2-step word problems, study place value to the hundreds, tens, and ones place, count and label money to $1.00, and create data charts using.  At the end of the year, they begin working on the foundations of multiplication and division.

    In Grade 2 ELA, we work in two areas; Listening and Learning and Skills.  In listening and learning, the students study fairy tales and tall tales, Early Asian civilizations, Ancient Greek civilizations, Greek Myths, The War of 1812, Westward Expansion, The Civil War, Cycles in Nature, Insects, The Human Body, Immigration, and Fighting for a Cause.  

    In Grade 2 Skills, the students learn phonemic awareness, capitalization and punctuation, adjectives, adverbs, nouns, verbs, and other skills needed.  These skills help students with their writing skills and reading comprehension skills.  We also use the Step-up-to-Writing program for our writing practice along with Handwriting without Tears for our penmanship.  

    Some Photos of Our First End of Module Celebration

    Here is a picture of our End of Module celebration for our Fairy Tales and Tall Tales Module.  Here, we are getting ready to eat "Colossal" pancakes, inspired by our reading of Paul Bunyan!

     Colossal Pancakes


    We are working on our Science kits here at Fletcher.  We have just finished up our first unit called:

    A Bird's Eye View Over Land and Water- Models, Maps, and Patterns

    Here is our interpretation of land and water forms that we created using Crayola Model Magic!

    A Bird's Eye View Over Land and Water


    The Golden Spatula Award!  We won the first golden spatula for the Month of September 2019 for our good behavior in the lunchroom!  We got to sit at the fancy table and we had an ice cream party after lunch!  Congratulations to the kiddos on a great first month!

    Golden Spatula award


    We have been working very hard on our attendance, so I challenged the kiddos.  10 days of perfect attendance and we could have lunch in Mr. Hitchcock's room and watch a movie while we were eating!  Well, they did it!  Here is our class enjoying Pizza lunch on Wednesday, October 9, 2019.  Now we are going for 20 days!  Who knows what the next surprise will be?

    10 days of perfect attendance  




Image of my classroom

This is my classroom!