Mr. Sharpe advises Student Council

Mr. Sharpe advises Honor Society

About Mr. Sharpe

  • Mr. Sharpe photo Mr. Sharpe has been teaching in the district since 2008.  After several years at the high school teaching government, economics, U.S. History, Global Studies I & II, and psychology he transferred to Jefferson Middle School.  He has been at Jefferson teaching U.S. History to 7th and 8th graders and advising student council and Honor Society.  He has been active with PTA, assisting Jefferson's facebook page and enjoys engaging families to be more involved at school to help make Jefferson the best school it can be.

    Mr. Sharpe with his lovely wife is raising two handsome boys in town.  He coaches JAYS in the summers and enjoys soccer, superheroes, reading, and movies, especially those of Alfred Hitchcock.