Suggested Schedule: Check postings each day for possible Nearpods or Kahoots scheduled
    I will try to answer questions as we go!
    1.) Science--Take a virtual field trip by following the links --they are on the 5th grade letter or go to one of the sites I posted below!
    2.) Math---Work on the packet, then do any assigned things such as Nearpod
    3.) ELA ---Work on our packets/ a little each day /possible Nearpods
    4.) Social Studies---Work on packets a little/ check for Nearpod updates, Kahoots or articles
    5.) Read at least 20 minutes from a book of your choice in Raz Kids or your own book
    6.) Have fun with your family and stay safe! <3
    7.) Check out all the fun sites below!
    ***I will try to schedule a Kahoot each day at 1:00---KEEP your lunch and drink away from the Ipads please! Hugs to all!