Math Homework

  • Homework is given every Monday through Thursday, except on testing days. Your child is expected to complete the green circled problems ("must dos") and return to school the following day. Yellow circled problems are the "can dos," which your child may do for extra practice. Red circled questions are the "extensions" which tend to be more difficult problems. These problems are meant to challenge the higher level students, but by no means need to be completed.

Skills Homework

  • Every week, students will have the same homework. Keep in mind this may change based on which Skills teacher your child has. Sometimes additional homework is given out.

    Mondays: Three times each (due on Tuesdays) & Fluency passage (due on Fridays or the last day of that week)

    Tuesdays-Thursdays: Fluency passage & study spelling words on your own

    Notes on Fluency Passage Homework: Your child is to read the weekly passage for 1 minute each night. Please time them, and have them read as far as they can in that 1 minute. If they finish the passage, they should start the passage over again. After 1 minute, count up the total number of words read and mark it down at the bottom of the page. Please sign at the end of the week and return on Fridays (or the last day of that week).

Fun Friday & Responsibility Room

  • Students who finish all homework on time and have decent behavior (stay off of "consequences") will be able to enjoy an activity of their choice for about a half hour on Fridays. 

    Students who owe homework or were on "consequences" that week will have to spend that time in the Responsibility Room. If they owe work, they will make up the work then. If they go because of behavior, they will discuss what behavior led to them being on "consequences" and discuss how to make smarter choices so they don't end up there again.