• Respect

    I will be respectful toward other students by keeping mean comments and my hands and feet to myself during class activities. I will speak kindly and listen to others when they speak. If by accident I hurt someone with my words or my actions I will stop what I am doing and say, “I’m sorry”. If someone is being mean in any way I will let the physical education teacher know right away.


    I will follow all directions the first time they are given by the teacher. I will accept all consequences for my actions and behavior without arguing. I understand that my teacher cannot hear everything that is said, so it is my responsibility to tell a physical education teacher about any problems that concern me. I know that if I tell the physical education teacher, he will take appropriate measures to fix the issue.


    I will not touch other students unless it is required for the class activity. I will not throw or kick any object at another student to try and hit them. I understand that my teacher cannot see everything, so if I become injured during an activity I will tell the physical education teacher right away. If I get hurt, I will have a choice of continuing to participate in the class activity, sitting out for a few minutes, using an ice pack, or going to the school nurse. If I hit my head in any way, I will be sent to the nurse.

    Gym Shoes

    I will bring my gym shoes every day I have class. I will have my shoes tied before class begins. If I don’t know how to tie my shoes, I will ask at least two classmates to tie it for me before I ask the teacher and I will practice at home on a daily basis to learn how to tie them on my own. I understand that boots, sandals, crocs, and dress shoes are not allowed in PE class. If I forget my gym shoes but have socks I can borrow shoes three times each quarter marking period. After the third time, I will not be allowed to participate in the class activities.

    Personal Belongings

    I will take my sweatshirt and any other personal items with me at the end of each class. I understand that if I leave my personal belongs in the gym after my class leaves that it is my responsibility to come back later in the day. It is not the physical education teachers’ responsibility to return the items.


    When I need to use the bathroom, I will ask a teacher for permission. I will not ask to use the bathroom when the teachers are giving directions. I will wash my hands when I am done using the bathroom. I will keep the bathroom clean by flushing the toilet, throwing the paper towels in the garbage, and keeping the water in the sink.


    When the whistle is blown, I will immediately stop what I am doing, sit still on the floor, look at the teacher, and listen for further directions. If I have any equipment in my hand I will place it on the floor next to me without touching it.

    Home Spot

    At the beginning of class, I will sit on my assigned number and wait for further instructions from the teacher. I will not lie down on the floor or spin in circles while sitting on my spot.

    Lining Up

    At the end of class, I will line up in number order by safely walking to the line. I will sit facing forward without touching other students and talking with a quiet voice.

    Fire Drill

    During a fire drill, I will stay silent and stand in a straight line without touching other students. I will follow all the directions given to me by my teacher.