• What is Zearn?

    Zearn Math is a coherent and rigorous K-5 curriculum delivered in a personalized rotational model. Zearn Math is designed so that each day, students work through engaging digital content at their own pace and learn targeted lessons with their teacher and peers. Zearn Math is built on the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework, a set of research-based guidelines for developing flexible learning environments that accommodate individual learning differences. Zearn Math aligns with UDL principles by providing students with multiple ways of acquiring knowledge, showing understanding, and engaging in learning. Students learn by demonstrating their math thinking with concrete and virtual manipulatives, explaining their reasoning aloud and on paper, and receiving personalized support throughout their learning.

    Zearn Math enables individualized learning with comprehensive and aligned curricular materials: Independent Digital Lessons, Small Group Lessons, Whole Group Materials, and Assessments. To support districts and schools with implementation, Zearn offers School Accounts, Professional Development, and Printed Materials.

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  • What is Splash Math?

    Splash Math is an adaptive and personalized math practice program for your child. Splash Math is designed to boost math scores and increase confidence in math.

    Key Benefits of Splash Math are:
    1.  Self paced math practice program
    2.  Interactive math problems
    3.  Explanations for wrong answers
    4.  Virtual rewards and games for better engagement
    5.  Dashboard for real time view of child's progress

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