• Curriculum:

    Read Well (Level K, Level 1 or Level 2)

    -this is a researched based program used in small group to teach reading skills such as: phonics, decoding, fluency and comprehension.

    -students in my groups have access to Ticket to Read and Read Well Fluency, which are websites available for students to practice reading skills at their instructional reading level. Please contact me for your child's username and password.

    Link to Ticket to read:   click here for student's login

    Link to Read Well Fluency practice: click here for your student's login for fluency 

    The more you read with your child the better for them! Make it fun by letting them choose books that interest them and let them sit and read with you.

    Fry words are sight words that you can practice with your child. The first 100 words are listed below. Contact me if you'd like copies of Fry words sent home.

    Fry Words (first 100)