Mrs. Maggio's 3rd Grade

Mrs. Maggio



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Mrs. Maggio

Welcome to third grade! Before starting my career, I attended Fredonia State College, where I earned my bachelors and my masters degree in education. The fall after I graduated from Fredonia, I began teaching kindergarten at Ring Elementary. Now, eighteen plus years later, I have been fortunate to be able to have taught second and third grade as well. Besides my teaching career, my family is also of great importance to me. I live in Jamestown with my husband, three children, and my Goldendoodle.  

Third grade is a wonderful grade! In third grade, a child will learn strategies on how to answer multi-step addition and subtraction word problems. Multiplication and division will also be studied, as well as various reading and writing strategies. A student will learn about numerous life cycles, including the butterfly's fascinating life cycle. We will actually watch this life cycle with our own eyes! Researching some "freaky frogs," will also be an exciting topic that will be explored. A frog expert will allow us to see poisonous dart frogs up-close! It is a very exciting year for all.  In our classroom, you will learn that learning is fun!