• Math Homework

    Students will have a mathematics homework assignment to complete Monday through Thursday.  I do not assign homework on Fridays or on test days.  Math homework should not take more than about 15 minutes to complete.  Homework is checked daily, and students are required to make corrections on their work during morning work the following day.  Students who do not turn in homework during the week will be required to complete it Fridays afternoon during our Friday Fun Time.  

    **Practice multiplication facts at home.

    ELA Homework

    In addition to the math homework, students will be given a reading passage with multiple choice questions and one text based question to complete.  The reading passage is at each student's individual reading level and is assigned from his/her ELA ACCEL teacher's class.  This homework is referred to as the "Owl Packet".  Owl packets are sent home on Wednesday and are due the following Wednesday.

    **Read 15 minutes each night.

    Vocabulary Homework

    Each week students will be given 10 vocabulary words to review.  The words chosen have a direct connection to our ELA curriculum.  Although these words are discussed in class and students have opportunities to use them in their writing, it is beneficial to review the words each night at home.  Every Friday, students will take a vocabulary quiz.  The quizzes vary between multiple choice, fill in the blank, and matching.