Title I Services

  • As part of the efforts of Jamestown Public Schools to provide the highest quality of education for each student, students are given computer-based assessments (NWEA-MAP) three times a year. This assessment measures how students are performing in reading and math skills to determine if students are at risk for not meeting grade level expectations. This data, along with ELA Grade 3 state tests scores (if applicable) determine which students become enrolled in intervention services.


    If a child does not meet the expected range for his/her grade level on the reading portion of this assessment then the child will receive Title I and/ or RtI targeted supports to be successful in reaching the expected learning standards. The child will then receive a minimum of 30 minutes of intervention instruction during the school day. He/She will receive the services and/or supports from a faculty member, which may include their classroom teacher, a reading specialist or other qualified staff. The school personnel will work to provide the child with the necessary skills and supports to be more successful in achieving the expected learning standards. These supports will take place at a time that does not interfere with core instruction.

    The grouping of students and instructors responsible for direct teaching may vary throughout the year, as a child’s needs change. The child’s progress will continue to be monitored to determine the continued need of services. Data from progress monitoring and other sources will help the teachers make informed decisions concerning changes in materials, programs, or interventions. This is a team effort to provide the child with the best instruction to meet his/her literacy needs.


    If you have any questions or wish to request additional information about Title I Services that are available, please do not hesitate to call the school at 716 483-4407.