• Parent Entrance

    Parking Lot ONLY


    Student Entrances

    Doors Open 7:45 for Breakfast.

    Doors Close at 8:30pm.

    All students must enter through the Main parking lot door after 8:30pm. 

    • Main Door (Parking lot)
    • Back Hall (Dearing St.)
    • Front Hall (Buffalo St.)
    • *Not the ramp door


    Parking Lot

    • DO NOT enter from Buffalo Street
    • Follow posted signs. Enter from Haywood, follow parking lot traffic pattern. Use Haywood or Buffalo Street to exit
    • Follow 5 mph speed limit & any instructions by designated staff or police
    • DO NOT park in designated no-parking areas or spaces designated for handicapped-unless you have the placard
    • DO NOT block the exit, bus lane, ramp or traffic flow
    • Buses/emergency vehicles must be able to get through
    • Please be PATIENT & COURTEOUS.
    • The parking lot always clears out by 3:15.  
    • Students are to wait on the sidewalks
    • The sidewalk extends half-way around the parking lot
    • Please remind your child to walk with an adult through the parking lot
    • Please consider an alternate meeting place (side street or nearby parking lot)


    Student Exits

    • Pre-K under stairs 2:45
    • K-1st parking lot vestibule 2:55 (rooms 9, 12, 14 under stairs)
    • 2nd-3rd-4th Dearing/Buffalo exits 3:00 or as previously arranged with classroom teacher


    Please help us maintain school safety/security & maintain orderly starts/dismissals:


    • Staff members will be at morning doors to greet children
    • All doors are locked at 8:30
    • Before entering school, BUZZ in at parking lot door and wait for permission to enter
    • Identify who you are/why you are here (i.e. Jane Doe here to speak to someone in office, pick up my child, ___, for appointment, teacher conference, etc.)
    • Report directly to the window, sign in and wait for permission to enter other parts of the school
    • Parents are strongly encouraged to drop off & pick up children outside. The door greeters will be happy to usher children to the cafeteria or class if needed.   Bring an umbrella to wait if you arrive before dismissal time – due to available space, parents are not able to wait inside the building
    • Children & adults who cross Buffalo St. must cross at the light with the crossing guard. Please model this safety procedure for your child
  • Additional Reminders:

    1. In the parking lot, keep your speed to 5 mph
    2. Watch for children/adults entering/exiting cars. For safety sake, NO ONE can be in a hurry.
    3. Students are to walk, not run in the parking lot, and must always be accompanied by an adult
    4. The signs by the bus lane curb say NO PARKING
      • Please pull over to let your child out or pick up, but do not leave your car there unattended
      • There is room for two lanes of traffic. Please leave the left lane of traffic open. Only stop at the cross walk. DO NOT block the lane of traffic or block parked cars
        • If you cannot pull over to the curb or park in a legal spot, then continue on to the end of the lane and circle the parking lot again.
        • Understand that many parents are also waiting, so move your car once you have dropped off or picked up your children
      • If you park in the church parking lot across the street, PLEASE take the extra 2 or 3 minutes to cross with your children using the crossing guard and light.
        • Teach your children the safest way to cross Buffalo Street so that they will be more likely to do it safely when you are not around