• Head Lice Policy     

         Research has shown head lice is a common issue among school students ages 3-10. It is not a sign of poor hygiene or poor living conditions. It is also not spread as easily as once thought if proper prevention is used. “No nit” policies are out dated and no longer recommended.

         The Jamestown Board of Education has approved a policy that allows students with head lice to remain in school, unless there is evidence of repeated cases of lice or poor parent or guardian compliance with treatment. The Jamestown Public School staff have been educated on ways to prevent the spread of lice.

         The school nurse and Health & Attendance staff are responsible for checking students for lice. If a student is found to have head lice, the student will be sent back to class and the parent/guardian notified. The student may stay until the end of the day, but will be checked by the nurse or Health & Attendance clerk upon return the following school day. If there is still evidence of active head lice, the parent/guardian will be called and the student may be sent home for treatment.

    For more information on the prevention and treatment of head lice in school, please review the following resources or click on the links below.

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    AAP Updates Treatment for Head Lice - 4/27/2015