• Roadrunner Way Team

    Positive Behavior Intervention & Supports

    The mission of the Roadrunner Way Team is to foster and promote a safe and positive school environment that enhances student learning through teaching and recognizing respectful and responsible behavior. All staff and students participate in this Tier 1 core teaching and practices.


    *R.U.N Program

    Ready, Under Self-control, Neighborly

     Students who need additional support and encouragement to be successful during their school day are selected to participate in the Roadrunner R.U.N. program. Within this program, students meet with an adult at the beginning and end of their day to set a goal and offer encouragement and problem-solving support which is a Tier 2 practice. Students keep track of their goals, successes, and struggles for each period of their day. This is then communicated daily with parents. 



    Social Academic Instructional Groups

    Sometimes students have not yet built the skills necessary to handle situations in the school setting. SAIG groups meet weekly or biweekly to build, practice and reinforce this skill set. These groups are made up of peers and led by an adult facilitator. Goals and progress are monitored on a daily points sheet which is shared with the children’s parents and teacher. 


    *Planning Center

    Terri Gorton

    The Planning Center is a welcoming place for all students, staffed by a trained Paraprofessional.  The purpose of the Planning Center is to provide coaching, re-teaching, and support to students to learn or strengthen social, emotional, and academic skills. The Planning Center Paraprofessional and other professionals in the school provide interventions to students in order to prevent future behavior concerns and to help students use social and academic skills in a safe and caring environment.

    *referrals for special services are determined by the school counselor, school psychologist, principal and/or behavior team.