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  • Hello! My name is Mr. Swart, welcome to my web page. 

    Here you can find out about what we're learning this school year.

    In Math, students are conceptualizing area as the amount of two-dimensional surface that is contained within a plane figure.  They are beginning to understand that the space can be tiled with unit squares without gaps or overlaps.  Soon, they will make predictions and explore which rectangles cover the most area when the side lengths differ (but area is actually the same). 

    In English Language Arts, students will begin to learn how experts build knowledge as they consider what makes a frog a frog and how frogs these creatures adapt to their environment. Through a study of Bullfrog at Magnolia Circle, students will practice close reading and listening to informational texts, generating questions, building vocabulary, and locating information in text as they learn about the bullfrog. 

    Our focus for our Week #17 Spelling Words this week is "spr, shr, str, squ, scr, spl, and thr" words.

    Red Words: spray, shred, splash, thrown, spring, thread, scrub, shrub, split, stray, square, strip

    Blue Words: shrink, script, spread, strange, scrunch, squeeze, splinter, sprint, throat, shrill, squirm, stream

    Green Words: straight, scratch, scrimp, squelch, sprawl, splurge, through, shriek, squash, strength, spruce, thriveAs a Twister: I am Respectful, I am Responsible, I am Peaceful.


Mr. Swart

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Bachelor's in Childhood Education at SUNY Fredonia.

Mr. Swart

Graduating from Frewsburg Central School, I studied Childhood Education for 2 years at Jamestown Community College and graduated at SUNY Fredonia with a Bachelor's Degree in Childhood Education in 2017.  I was hired at Clinton V. Bush Elementary School in June 2018 to teach 3rd grade!