5th Grade Schedule & Extra Help

  • Class Schedule

    8:30-8:50am Homeroom

    8:50-9:20am GRAIR (Guided Reading)

    9:20-10:10am ELA (English Language Arts - Reading & Writing)

    10:10-11:00am Mathematics

    11:00-11:20am Guided Math

    11:20-11:50am LUNCH

    11:50-12:35pm ACCEL 5

    12:35-1:20pm Exploratory

    1:20-1:50pm Tutorial

    1:50-3:05pm Social Studies/Science Block

    3:05pm Dismissal


    Ms. Rupolo offers extra help most days after school. Our school has a ZAP (Zero's aren't permitted) program so if a student has not completed an assignment during the school day or throughout the week, then they will stay after to make up the work.