• Ms. Morano  

    English 11                                                                              

    Classroom Management/Organization                                               

    Email and Google Docs: julie.e.morano@jpsny.org

    Course Description:

    In eleventh grade English, students will deepen their understanding of the ways writers use language to provide both meaning and pleasure for their readers.   An intense study of representational works including drama, short story, poetry, and novels will be combined with an emphasis on language and composition skills.  

    Students read, discuss, and analyze literary and nonfiction texts focusing on how central ideas develop and interact within a text. Students also explore the impact of authors’ choices regarding how to develop and relate elements within a text.

    Students read, discuss, and analyze literary and informational texts, focusing on how authors use word choice and rhetoric to develop ideas, and advance their points of view and purposes. The texts represent varied voices, experiences, and perspectives, but are united by their shared exploration of the effects of prejudice and oppression on identity construction. Each text is a complex work with multiple central ideas and claims that complement the central ideas and claims of other texts and offer rich opportunities to analyze authorial engagement with past and present struggles against oppression, as well as how an author’s rhetoric or word choices strengthen the power and persuasiveness of the text.

    Students read, discuss, and analyze literary texts, focusing on the authors’ choices in developing and relating textual elements such as character development, point of view, and central ideas while also considering how a text’s structure conveys meaning and creates aesthetic impact.

    Students will write arguments where they state a claim, express a point of view on a subject and support it with evidence while refuting possible counterclaims.  


    Common Core Regents Exam:

    All eleventh grade students are required to take the English Language Arts Common Core Regents exam during Regents week. The ELA Common Core exam is a graduation requirement.


     Classroom Rules:

    Be Respectful

    • Listen when others are talking
    • Wait to be called on before speaking out
    • Treat school, personal and others’ property with care
    • Cell Phone RED ZONE

    Be Safe

    • Keep hands and feet to self
    • Use classroom supplies and equipment for their intended purpose

    Be Responsible

    • Use class time as directed
    • Cell Phone/Ear Buds out of sight
    • Positively Participate

    Before class, w/o asking, take care of personal needs

                Be in seat when bell rings, preparing for class