• Course Description:

    English 10AT is a continuation of 9AT with a focus on the canon of World Literature, as well as contemporary multi-cultural works and is aligned with the Common Core Standards. Its purpose is to develop skills to interpret literature and advance critical thinking. These skills will be practiced in reading, writing, speaking, and listening tasks.

     Classroom Rules:

    Be Respectful

    • Listen when others are talking
    • Wait to be called on before speaking out
    • Treat school, personal and others’ property with care
    • Cell Phone RED ZONE

     Be Safe

    • Keep hands and feet to self
    • Use classroom supplies and equipment for their intended purpose

     Be Responsible

    • Use class time as directed.
    • Cell Phone/Ear Buds out of sight
    • Positively Participate
      • Before class, w/o asking, take care of personal needs
      • Be in seat when bell rings, preparing for class
      • Be prepared - books, binder (w/ paper), blue/black pen, highlighter