Head Lice Information

  • Each year three million Americans, mostly children, get head lice. Not a pleasant subject to talk about, yet there are things that can be done to eliminate the problem if children become infected. All students may be checked for head lice. If your child ends up with head lice, do not panic. Lice can be effectively treated. You can help by periodically inspecting your child's head for lice. Our procedure for students with head lice is as follows:

    • Students found to have head lice may be excluded from the classroom.
    • At the discretion of the school nurse, students found to have only nits will either be sent home immediately or at the end of the school day, depending on the severity of the case and past student/family history.
    • Students who are sent home with either live lice or nits are to be examined by the school nurse or the Health and Attendance Clerk before returning to the classroom following treatment. A reexamination may be scheduled 7-10 days later, or sooner, if indicated.
    • Students are to receive treatment and return to school the following day. It is important that all nits be removed to prevent reinfestation.
    • The school may examine all siblings and/or household members when a lice infestation is found.
    • A report of child neglect and/or educational neglect based on poor parental compliance and/or poor attendance due to recurrent head lice may be filed with Child Protective Services. Prompt treatment is expected. The school will closely monitor the family to avoid extended absences.