First Aid and Illness in School

  • We attempt to provide a safe environment for your child. If an accident does occur, a member of our staff will:

    1. Administer first aid
    2. Notify parents/caregivers, and
    3. Allow parent to arrange transportation home. We regard first aid as the immediate, temporary treatment given in case of an accident or sudden illness. Treatment beyond first aid will not be given and is the responsibility of the home.

    Children should NOT attend school if they have:

    • Developed a fever, 99 or higher in the morning, 100 or higher within 24 hours of going to school
    • Vomited or diarrhea on that morning before school or within the past 24 hours
    • A continuous cough or runny nose
    • Yellow/green mucous with cough and/or yellow/green drainage from the nose or ears
    • Drainage or crusting of eye(s) "pink eye"
    • Been on antibiotic for less than 24 hours

    Colds and flu are very contagious and we try to prevent the spread of these as much as possible. If your child is ill, he/she needs to be at home to receive proper rest, medication, and care to recover from an illness.

    If your child becomes ill while at school, it is the family's responsibility to make the necessary arrangements for the child as soon as possible.