• The Jamestown City School District strives to ensure that all students benefit from a rigorous, academically challenging curriculum that supports their individual needs and interests.

    Our academic programs provide students a solid foundation in core academic subjects, balanced with the exploration of elective areas to help each learner to identify his or her strengths and to prepare for further academic study or career goals.

    All academic programs of the Jamestown City Schools are aligned to the New York State Learning Standards. We continuously review and refine our grade-level and course curricula to ensure that instructional emphasis focuses on priority concepts and skills most critical for long-term learning and success, with consideration to the academic readiness of our students.

    Our instructional programs aim to prepare all students to graduate with a solid foundation of readiness for success in college and career. We take great pride the variety of college-preparatory and college-credit courses provided on our high school campus. Students are able to select from over 30 courses for which they may earn college-credit, including 11 Advanced Placement courses in English, History, Science, Mathematics, Psychology, and Studio Art.

    Our schools also encourage students to explore a variety of elective programs, leading to highly specialized programs of study at the secondary level. All schools provide general instruction in art, music, physical education, health, and technology. Secondary students can further pursue their interests through advanced study of electives such as Radio Broadcasting, Recreation & Tourism, or Robotic Engineering.

    Our district and community are especially proud of the tradition of excellence of our fine and performing arts. Interested students may develop their musical talents to participate in middle and high school performing ensembles in chorus, orchestra, instrumental, and competitive marching band. Our Art Department also offers an exceptional array of courses including Photography, Computer Graphics, and Animation.

    All instructional staff of the Jamestown City Schools are committed to the fundamental purpose of ensuring that all students achieve academic and personal growth to attain productive and fulfilling lives. We establish high expectations for our students, and we provide the support systems necessary to ensure their success. By monitoring student progress to evaluate the effectiveness of our instructional programs, we continue to refine and improve the quality of education in our schools.


Tina Sandstrom

Curriculum Coordinators