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  • somos familia!
    We are family!

    The 2019-20 school year promises to be exciting.  

    The school year starts on the heels of one of our new initiatives -  our summer literacy program JPS LEAP, which welcomed over 400 K-4 students to participate in a summer-long literacy and enrichment program. JPS teachers worked with students on their literacy and math skills. In addition, Jamestown youth organizations provided a plethora of local field trips, hands-on experiences and enrichment opportunities for our students. All of these activities should give our students an extra “leg up” this year.

    There are many initiatives underway that promise an increasingly bright future for our school family.

    Our district plans for this year include:

    1. Conducting a fact-finding mission with community leaders, parents and staff for modernizing the high school, both in programming and the physical plant.
    2. Realigning secondary programming to better align with college requirements and the needs of the local labor market.
    3. Completing a cultural responsiveness audit to ensure everyone in our school family feels connected to our school.
    4. Conducting an Esports pilot.
    5. Developing an evidence-based plan to convert our middle schools to “true” middle schools.
    6. Devising pathways for students that will quadruple our student enrollment in advanced  courses.

    This school district is your school district.  I encourage everyone to feel empowered to get involved this school year.  This could be as a volunteer, mentor, or even as an audience member for a musical, sporting event, art show, choral event, etc….

    This is going to be a terrific school year!!!!  

    Bret Apthorpe, Ed.D.


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