• The Jamestown Public Schools Food and Nutrition Services is committed to offering students great food and friendly service. School meals provide an assortment of foods including daily meal salads, fruits, and vegetables. Good nutrition is essential in preparing children to learn. School meals are healthy, meeting the USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans. By choosing breakfast and lunch in school, students learn to make healthy choices, reinforcing nutrition taught in the classroom and at home. 

    Department Personnel:

    Estelle Frost       (716)483-4431  FAX:  (716)483-4418
    Manager, Central Kitchen

    TBD         (716)483-4219  FAX:  (716)483-4240
    Manager, Jamestown High School

    Deborah Ostroski     (716)483-4398   FAX:  (716)483-4495
    Purchasing/Account Clerk