• Greetings,

    My name is Traci Thompson and I'm the new Principal at Persell Middle School.  Looking back at my time in school, I was very fortunate to have met many great people and to have had a wide variety of experiences that helped me grow as a person. With this in mind, it is my goal, as principal, to do everything within my power to ensure that ALL of our students have the opportunity for a positive and rewarding school experience. This includes classes that are engaging, staff members who make connections with students, opportunities for young people to make lasting friendships, and extra-curricular activites that offer something for everyone!

    Prior to my appointment as principal, I was Assistant Principal at Persell Middle School and Jamestown High School. I also served as the STEAM Coordinator for JPS. Before going into administration, I was a middle/high school Science teacher for 13 years. 

    I am very excited to continue to be a part of the Persell Middle School staff and I look forward to working with our school community. 

    Mrs. Thompson




  • Traci Thompson

    Mrs. Traci Thompson


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