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    Welcome to the 2021 - 2022 School Year. 

         It is with great pleasure to be entering my 30th year in the district but more importantly my 15th year as the proud principal of George Washington Middle School (WMS).

         WMS is a 5th - 8th grade building with approximately 510 students and 70 staff members. Middle School years are filled with drama and excitement.  We recognize our students are not only experiencing physical changes, but also social and emotional changes, and need the support of both the school and home working together to help them make positive choices, learn from their mistakes and be successful young adults. 

         At WMS we strive to provide a safe, welcoming and an intellectually challenging environment for our students to become critical thinkers, problem solvers, and responsible and respectful young adults.

         At WMS we encourage our Lobos to make a choice every day to "Be Responsible, Be Respectful and Be Safe" when it comes to their academics, attending school daily and being on time, getting involved in our many clubs and activities, and choosing positive friends.  We believe if students make the right choices and have a growth mindset, they will have great success in school and beyond. 

          WMS is continuing to reinforce positive behavior interventions and supports to create an environment where expectations for behavior have been clearly communicated, explicitly taught and positively reinforced by all staff while respecting the rights, talents and individual differences of others.

    Here are a few suggestions for parents that could make the overall experience more enjoyable and prosperous:

    • Talk with your child about the school day and what is going on in each of his/her classes.
    • Check the parent portal for grades and homework assignments, incomplete or complete.
    • Encourage your child to use the school-supplied WMS Student Agenda Book and check it often as it is also used as a communication tool.
    • Stay in contact with your child’s teachers and staff members for a strong home/school connection. At WMS the staff are encouraged to communicate through the APP REMIND. 

         A school’s success depends on the partnership between students, staff, parents, teachers, administrators, and community members. Active parent participation is vital to a rewarding experience for all. With all of our efforts, we will help our young adults reach their fullest potential and become responsible, respectful and safe citizens of our community.  Together we can foster a safe environment that produces students with strong, compassionate character capable of competing with the best of the best in a diverse world.

    Thank you for visiting our website and GO LOBOS!!!!







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