Persell's Clubs and Activities

Garden Club
  • There are many clubs and activities for your child to participate in here at Persell.  We encourage your child to participate in at least one of the following clubs here at Persell:

    Running Club- Advisors:  Mr. Parinella.  This is a running program that meets on Wednesday from 3:15 to 4:00 and is open to all 5th through 8th graders.  

    Garden Club- Advisors:  Mrs. Putney and Mrs. Scoma.  Garden Club meets on Mondays from 3:15 to 3:45 during the growing season and is open to all 5th through 8th graders.

    Art Club- Advisor:  Mrs. Tehan.  Art Club meets from 3:05 to 4:00 in the art room.  They meet on October 5th & 19th, November 12th & 16th, December 7th & 21st, January 4th & 18th, February 1st & 15th, March 1st & 15th, April 19th and May 3rd & 17th. 

    Persell Reads- Advisor:  Mrs. Luhman.  Persell Reads meets on September 22nd, October 6th & 20th, November 3rd & 17th, and December 1st & 15th and is open to all 5th through 8th graders.

    Winter Guard- Advisor:  Miss Marsh.  Winter Guard is a combination of dance, music and pageantry.  Students will learn and perform a routine to music while dancing, and spinning flags and rifles.  Auditions will be in November and it runs until April.

    Ski Club-  Advisor:  Mrs. Tehan.  Ski Club costs roughly $300.00 and begins the first Friday when we get back from Christmas break.  It runs 8 weeks until the end of February.