Welcome to the JPS World Languages Department

  • On behalf of the Jamestown Public Schools, I would like to welcome you to the World Languages Department. The World Languages Department includes unique programs for both English as a New Language (ENL) as well as the other World Languages taught in our school district, French and Spanish.

    ENL programs are found at the following JPS schools:

    Elementary Level: CC Ring Elementary & SG Love Elementary

    Middle School Level:  Jefferson Middle, Persell Middle, & Washington Middle 

    High School Level: Jamestown High School

    The aim of our ENL program is to provide both integrated and stand-alone language development support to English Language Learners of all proficiency levels. Our ENL program provides this support to any student with a demonstrated need for whom English is a new language. While most of our current English Language Learners are Spanish speaking, we also serve students from other language backgrounds.

    Additional World Languages in the Jamestown Public Schools include Spanish and French. At the middle school level, Spanish is taught to all 7th and 8th grade students with a Checkpoint A exam at the end of their 8th grade year. Both Spanish and French are offered at the high school level, with both exams at both Checkpoints B and C. Additionally, Jamestown High School's Spanish IV course is a Connections course with Jamestown Community College that allows students to be dually enrolled for both high school and college-level credit.


    Tamu Reinhardt                                                              email:  tamu.a.reinhardt@jpsny.org
    Coordinator of Student Support Services (ENL)           phone:  716-483-4393

    Colette Cameron                                                             email:  colette.c.cameron@jpsny.org
    Bilingual Secretary                                                          phone: 716-483-7114

    Denise Pusateri                                                               email:  denise.c.pusateri@jpsny.org
    Coordinator of Secondary Education (WL)                    phone: 716-483-4292


Denise Pusateri - Curriculum Coordinator

denise pusateri