Social Studies Header
  • Jamestown Public School's Social Studies program is designed to prepare students for college, careers, and civic life with courses that are rigorous and aligned to the New York State Learning Standards. We seek to engage students with critical thinking, collaboration, and research techniques. Social Studies Practices include:

    • Gathering, Interpreting and Using Evidence
    • Chronological Reasoning and Causation
    • Comparison and Contextualization
    • Geographic Reasoning
    • Economics and Economic Systems
    • Civic Participation
  • Grade Level Themes

    Kindergarten:  Self and Others

    Grade 1:  My Family and Other Families, Now and Long Ago

    Grade 2:  My Community and Other Communities

    Grade 3:  Communities around the World

    Grade 4:  New York State and Local History and Government

    Grade 5:  The Western Hemisphere

    Grade 6:  The Eastern Hemisphere

    Grade 7:  History of the United States and New York State I

    Grade 8:  History of the United States and New York State II

    Grade 9:  Global History and Geography I

    Grade 10:  Global History and Geography II

    Grade 11:  United States History and Government

    Grade 12:  Participation in Government and Civics


    Graduation Requirement:
    All students must successfully complete 4 high school credits and 2 successful Regents Exams in Social Studies in order to meet the graduation requirement.


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