Walking your child home is encouraged whenever possible. For parents who need to pickup their students at dismissal, and who must drive, we have instituted the following:

    • Please pay close attention to all traffic signs and adhere to them at all times. Those who violate posted regulations jeopardize the safety of our students.
    • Kindergarten classrooms will be dismissed at 2:55. Mrs. Benson, Ms. Platt and Mrs. Brown’s classrooms will be dismissed out the playground doors. Miss Marsh and Mr. Nelson’s classrooms will be dismissed at the Cole Avenue entrance. Students will be dismissed out to their parents. Parents will not be allowed to park cars on the circle drive through. Parents will need to park their car in the parking lot to meet their child at the door.
    • Students in grades 1-4 will be dismissed at 3:00 as follows:
      • Students in Grades 2 & 4 will exit from the exit near the cafeteria, (closest to Whitehill). Students in grades 1 & 3 will exit from the upper doors, (closer to Myrtle Street).   Any adjustments will be communicated to specific classrooms after the first days of school.
      • If you have children at different grade levels, the older student(s) should use the same exit as the youngest child in the family and all your children may then be picked up at the same location.
      • We have a crossing guard positioned at the traffic light located at the intersection of Cole and Jewell to assist parents and students in crossing Cole Avenue. Please utilize the crossing guard when crossing Cole Avenue and stress the importance of using the crossing guard to your children!
    • We are hopeful these measures will help improve the congestion in the parking lot at dismissal making it safer and more convenient for children and their parents.