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Mr. Greg Jackson

Phone: (716) 483-4404 ext. 3567


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Mr. Greg Jackson


My name is Mr. Jackson and I am one of two Physical Education teachers here at Fletcher Elementary.  I have been teaching Elementary Physical Education since 2007.  In addition to teaching, I also coach girls varsity tennis in the Fall and boys varsity tennis in the Spring.

My goal is to have every child enjoying Physical Education and meeting the proficiency level for skills at his or her grade level. Each month your child will be able to participate in different activities such as Pillo Polo, soccer, basketball, rock climbing, jump rope, and fitness to name a few.  Here at Fletcher, I try to make the kindergarten and 1st-grade curriculum more skill-based learning.  As your child moves through 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades they will be introduced to more and more gameplay to go along with skill development.

Students do need appropriate footwear to participate each day.  Here at Fletcher, we have P.E. every other day either on A/C days or B/D days.  Please send your child with gym shoes that have a rubber sole and some type of foot/ankle support.  Students that do not have appropriate footwear will have to sit out for the day.  Please click on the P.E. schedule page to see what days your child/children have P.E. if I am their assigned P.E. teacher.

I am looking forward to this year and am sure it will be another fun and exciting school year.