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    Painting to music 2017

    Starting in the 2019-2020 School Year, Fletcher Elementary will be transitioning to the "Teaching for Artistic Behavior" model and the Choice-Based Art Classroom.

    The Choice-Based Art Classroom focuses on 3 major tenets:

    1. The student is the artist.

    2. The classroom is the student's studio.

    3. The focus is on the process of making art to address the questions:

    - What do artists do?

    - Where do artists get ideas?

    - How do artists make art?


    While many choice-based classrooms can look and feel very different from each other and the traditional art room, Fletcher Elementary will function like this:

    The 2nd-4th grade curriculum will be mixed with traditional and "teaching for artistic behavior" methods while highly structured project-based teaching and learning methods will guide students to longer-term, in-depth projects based on student choice and interest. As the year evolves, more of the choice-based classroom will be introduced.

    The classroom will be divided into mini "studios" that will allow for freedom of choice for use of materials, project guidelines, and artistic creativity.

    Students will be encouraged to explore new and unfamiliar materials, new methods and processes for making art, and set goals for their art-making under the time and structures alloted. Students will also be encouraged to work on improving skills and determining their own strengths and areas for improvement in art making. Students will have ample opportunities to showcase, show, display, and discuss their art, their processes, and their goals.


    K-1 students will be guided by more traditional teaching methods, whole class, small group, and individual instruction for project-based learning projects. Students will have choices with selection of materials and use of materials within the studios. As these students progress throughout the year, more of the choice-based structure will be introduced.


    K-4 instruction and curriculum will follow the NY State Learning Standards for Art.


    The goal of transitioning to the Choice-Based Classroom follows 20+ years of research-based instructional methods for the "Teaching for Artistic Behavior" model that have demonstrated successful and positive evidence of student growth, interest, motivation, collaboration, and creativity. We are very excited to introduce this model to Fletcher Elementary and support the Jamestown Middle Schools programs that are also introducing the model this year.

    To learn more about the "Teaching for Artistic Behavior Model", follow this link:


Fletcher students celebrate International DOT Day 2018!

MJ Fletcher Students Celebrate International DOT Day!
MJ Fletcher Students celebrate International DOT Day!
MJ Fletcher Students celebrate International DOT Day!