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    Welcome to Universal Pre-K room #7.

    We are planning for a year of learning and fun for every child!

    We are also ready for an unusual year!

    Our first priorities are safety. Our reopening plan requires masks to be worn at all times except mask breaks, and that we keep a distance of six feet between students. This may sound like an impossible task with our youngest students, but with simple direct explanation and gentle prompts, we are adhering to the regulations.

    Our next priority is to design our day to be as close to past UPK routines and as fun as possible. We move around our space as often as possible. When we are safely separated, we pull our masks down each morning to share a smile with our friends (because we just have to share smiles once in a while)! Our toys are separate for each child, but varied and changing. If we have to talk a little louder to chat with a friend, so be it! The stories, the songs, and the studies are still enjoyed. We are still eager learners. UPK will still rock!

    Please find the link to the current slide show, (UPK-4 FRIENDS 2020-2021, upper left of this page) and enjoy a few pictures of our students (your kids) enjoying the day!



    On this site, you will find information about the classroom and classroom teacher, links for fun, and links for academics. 


    See the "About The Teacher" section for contact information, or use the "remind" app. I often can not look for messages until the end of each session, so call and speak to me directly if I need the information quickly, or call the office back and instruct them to get a message to me.


    Please CHECK, EMPTY and RETURN the communications folder every day. This is a great way to communicate, as we check the folders before every session. You will also find communications from the school and classroom in this folder.

    Please send your child with gym shoes and dressed for the weather every day. We may go out for a walk, or out for a practice drill at any time in any kind of weather. Thanks for helping us to be prepared!

    Please send (and replace as needed) an extra set of clothing for your child so that we may deal with life's little accidents without having to call you into school. 



About The Teacher

Phone: 716.483.4404


Degrees and Certifications:

Associates In English: Jamestown CC Bachelors in Drama and Communication: Allegheny College Certification in Elementary Education: N-6: SUNY New Paltz Courses in Special Education: Edinboro University Masters in Curriculum and Instruction: Gannon University

Mr. E. Nelson

Mr. Nelson came late to teaching after years of being a counselor for children and adults in a variety of settings across New York State. As a teacher, he has taught eighth, seventh, third, and first grades, kindergarten, Pre-K, and special education. He has taught in Saxapahaw North Carolina, and the Islands of Majuro and Kili in the Marshall Islands. He is glad to now be back home in Chautauqua County and is thoroughly enjoying being back in Pre-k for the second time.