• The Pod is an interesting part of M. J. Fletcher Elementary School.   We are the only school in Jamestown Public Schools that uses this classroom set-up.  A Pod is a group of classrooms that hold one complete grade level.  Our classrooms do not have doors!  There is only one door when our students enter the location.  There is a common space where all second-grade classrooms can meet to hold special functions, whether it be a culminating activity or special projects. Children and adults have enjoyed this set-up. We are in Pod C!

    What Are We Learning in 2nd Grade?


    In Second Grade, students learn how to add/subtract up to 1000, with mastery of addition and subtraction to 20.  They also measure in centimeters and inches, tell time to the 15-minute mark, solve 1 and 2-step word problems, study place value to the hundreds, tens, and one's place, count and label money to $1.00, and create various data charts.  At the end of the year, they begin working on the foundations of multiplication and division. 

    ELA - HMH

    Jamestown Public School has recently adopted a new reading series.  It is Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, HMH.  We are looking forward to using this new series and finding success with the material.


    In Second Grade, students will learn phonemic awareness, capitalization and punctuation, adjectives, adverbs, nouns, verbs, and other building block-type skills.  These skills help the students with their writing and reading comprehension. 


    Second graders will continue their practice with the Handwriting without Tears program (along with HMH writing) and delve into the Step-Up-to-Writing program.    


    Math homework will be given nearly every evening.  This is excellent practice and a good review of skills taught in school.  

    Also, reading for fifteen to thirty minutes nightly is promoted.  This will build fluency, vocabulary, and background knowledge.