• Welcome to my classroom website!

    Thank you for taking the time to view this website.

    I look to set a positive example to the students I see, teach and communicate with on a daily basis. My professional duties do not lie solely within the realm of reading- these duties encompass much more. My goals as a teacher lie within my desire to offer students’ the tools they need to become their own self-motivators. These goals are attained through engaging instruction, thought-provoking discussion, and interesting experiences that instill curiosity. I expect a great deal from my students, and in turn, I expect much more from myself. Not only do I assist young readers in learning to read, but I look to help young students develop the foundation they need throughout their lives: work ethic, motivation, value, and responsibility. I look forward to walking through the doors of Lincoln Elementary each morning, knowing that I am there to teach and guide the young minds that walk through those same doors. 

    If you ever have any questions, comments, concerns or are looking to contact me, please do so via email (britany.m.emley@jpsny.org), phone (716-483-4412), using the Remind app, or visiting during school hours.

    Mrs. Emley